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Penpal Kitchen is a narrative VR game about cooking and love.

Over the years, more and more people have been choosing to use the internet to keep up with friendships and relationships. With COVID-19, this has turned from a choice to, for most of us, an inevitable fact of life. With Penpal Kitchen, we wanted to give a spark of warmth and connection to the distance this can so often make us feel, and tell our story as an international couple, trying to cook something together over the internet.

Winner of the BIFAN X UNITY Short Film Challenge

This is a VR game! You need an Oculus Rift or Oculus Link to play it.

  • VR Comic: Press any button to progress through the frames.
  • Press any button in the kitchen to show/hide cooking instructions.
  • Grab objects to interact with using the grip buttons.
  • Grabbing an ingredient while the cooking instructions are active shows a page on how to prepare it!

[TORNEBERGE] - Alexander Thornborough
Coding / Unity / 3d

[ LEEDEEBEE] - Dabin Lee
Art design / 2d Art / Animation

Music by Seokjun Hong


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After playing on the headset, I feel it's a shame that this game can be only played in VR. The whole game is cute and very well finished. The comic surrounding scene is really clever.

One thing I would suggest is to have comics telling the different outcomes of your cooking, e.g. your family eats your food and was sent to the hospital. That would encourage players to play many times to explore the full storyline.

Also, this itch page is god-made, especially the sub-headings. I'm almost thinking of copying your style lol

This menu page is just too good first of all. It's unfortunate that I have no VR headset yet to playtest with, but from the gameplay I saw some amazing things. The environment's colours and models are just very well done. I feel like I can stare at the surroundings forever. Also, being able to make gimbap in a VR kitchen just sounds so fun. All the controls look so smooth, from cutting to even opening the fridge. Furthermore, the opening scene just adds so much layer to the character and the narrative. With it, this game feels like a complete game that can be found on steam.

Penpal Kitchen is an incredible game, and I loved watching playthrough after playthrough of it. I would absolutely love to try it, definitely one day when I have access to a VR headset! 

Just from watching gameplay, it is clear that this game is very thoroughly thought out and well-made. I absolutely loved the intro environment, it was a very cool way of displaying and interacting with 2D comics, as well as setting a story. You both have incredible 2D and 3D artistic ability, and seeing them in unison really makes a visually stunning game. 

I think the strongest aspect of Penpal Kitchen is the overall tactility of the game. Although I was not playing it myself, I noticed all the little details present-- ability to flip the notebook paper, a sound on every interaction, and especially the funny effects when you drop your ingredients. This was indicative of the fact that you guys spent a lot of time on every detail of this game. For a VR game, this is everything! Even as someone who wasn't playing, it felt immersive. 

Overall, awesome game, and congratulations to you both on winning a contest with this game!! Much deserved!

This game looks fantastic! I hope I can acquire a VR headset and try it out, but unfortunately I don't have one right at the moment. However, from seeing the trailer and the itch page, the aesthetics of the game are gorgeous. It is absolutely a right choice to go with the cartoonish styles rather than a more realistic visualization, the entire atmosphere hence feels significantly more pleasant and welcoming, as if I would actually want to chill and cook! (Washing the dishes are tiring though...) Keeping HUD to none is a great approach for this game, and the fact that you implemented the menu as a virtual menu instead of a very artificial and flat tutorial is a very nice approach. This is a great example of utilizing the virtual perspective and cogniton of VR experience. The arts and assets are all clean and polished, they manifest no visual disorientations at all. Also, as a film and narrative person, the introductory comic slides are wonderful. I would highly suggest going crazy with it to the next level - making it dynamic, anything! There are much less constrains in a virtual world, so go crazy! However, I did notice (at least for me), the particle effects when something is dropped onto the ground. Instead of using *it seems like a default Unity particle in some ways* particles, perhaps consider keeping the consistency of the cartoonish styles of all the other assets; using something illustrative such as the smoke from your gif in the itch page would make it look awesome! Would really love to see more updates on this game, and would definitely play this game when I have a VR headset.